Reactoonz bonus

Slot reactoonz very popular among fans of great gambling. He deservedly took its place among the great multitude of representatives of this sphere. The game is not just won this position. It has so many well thought-out bonus programs, the player does not have time to be surprised by such generosity.

Many people start playing the casino for money online. All this is due to a large number of bonuses.

The developers have created the following feature, which includes several options for the bonus game. It is called Quantum Leap. It includes many features that favorably affect the further course of the game. Increases the winnings. This can not but bring pleasure. Each bonus has its own personal secrets, which you can familiarize yourself with during the whole gameplay.

Bonus goodies are triggered randomly. They appear completely out of the blue and are always on point. This moment cannot be controlled in any way. Their number depends only on the energy you need to earn throughout the game. Its accumulator is located on the right side of the screen, reminiscent of the battery of some space saucer. The charge comes to him during the rotation, which can be repeated countless times. What would fill a tank of this need to collect a chain of identical images, which will be present at least twenty-five participants in the race, or even more. By participants we mean the monsters that live on this planet. The purpose of the characters can be absolutely different, the main task is to engage more humanoids.

The characters in the game are the key to everything that happens in this universe.

After completing all the scrolling in the passing round, the main battery is charged to one hundred percent. And this in turn triggers the main feature among all the bonuses.

So what kind of bonuses gives a slot reactoonz?

Let’s deal with each one in order. The first thing worth mentioning is the blast. He usually has an orange hue. When it appears there is a termination of three to six characters in the main icons, at the same time is the destruction of neighboring images next to them. Next, let’s turn our attention to the cutscene. This resembles a laser sword or beam of blue. It adds a character to the center cell and replaces all the characters that would be diagonal from that cell with characters different in appearance but the same in meaning. Another function is change. It is green and allows you to turn one alien into another. And he will be assigned all his abilities, without any changes. And lastly, let’s talk about destruction. It has a red color and removes all those who have one eye. Monsters with one eye are very afraid of it.

When the player accumulates all four charges there will be another bonus feature, additional to all that is already there. Again, a pleasant surprise from the developers. And so a huge monster will appear, he has no name, but you can call him whatever you want. As soon as everything is collected he will leave his nesting place, it is on the right side of the screen and jumps to all the other congeners. Because he is large, his appearance immediately occupies three places in the game’s grid, as well as three rows. His appearance brings decent bonuses to the player.

As soon as the prize combination is calculated monster divided into two different heroes, they are slightly smaller in size and take already two squares of two by two cells. It turns re-spin occurs already with nine monsters, they take the standard value and their assigned denominations. Before each division of the large main alien on the screen disappear all the icons with images. This increases the possibility of winning by many percent and gives great results at the end of the game. That is the way the bonus round slot reactoonz.

This game was the long-awaited continuation of its counterpart, after making improvements to it, the slot has won the hearts of many fans of decent games. The company has provided tempting slots that give great bonuses and of course increase the payouts. The very field of increased size increases the options for making the right and identical combinations, so necessary in this game.

Optimal style of design of the game does not strain the players. The very topics are positive mood, cute and colorful humanoids lift your spirits. Make a winning scheme is easy, and as soon as it succeeds online machine immediately increases the multipliers. Bonuses also appear at this stage in much larger numbers. Extra scrolls, wild symbols multiply the player’s account many times over.

Get a lot of bonuses. The game is just created for this purpose. Number of cells in the number of forty-nine pieces, increase the chances of falling out with the same position in many, many times. Trajectories can be fixed or not, it all depends on what is happening. First be sure to deal with the size of the bet, this is the first and one of the most important steps in the whole slot. Activate the spins and that’s it, the game has started.

Payouts are awarded for repeating signs, they can be in different places all over the playing field. The more you have more matches, respectively, the greater and higher is the multiplier of your first bet. Everything worked out well, the icons are counted, all the bonuses with them added to the account. Then the cells used and everything in them are removed and new images appear.

Always check the balance before you start, estimate your chances for a decent win.

Manage these functions is simple, all the keys to press are in one place, carefully read the rules of management of this slot.